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My Top 10 Beauty Products for Teens

teen wearing purple sweatshirt with pink beauty products on her face

In my 20+ year career as a professional makeup artist, I’ve worked with countless models and celebrities. And while I do continue to work with women and men of all ages, in the last number of years, I have found my niche working with the younger generation and finding the best products that work for them. A few years ago, I wrote a post that listed my favorite kid-friendly beauty products and while those still are staples in my kit, I’ve written an updated version of my top 10 beauty products for teens. A version 2.0, if you will! Keep reading to see a few familiars and some newbies that have made their mark in my kit!

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How to Sanitize Your Beauty Products

Products used to sanitize beauty products

Almost every day we’re being reminded of how important it is to clean, disinfect, and sanitize everything around us in order to stay healthy and safe from the risk of spreading germs. We’ve gotten used to regularly sanitizing our homes and repeatedly washing our hands to keep our families and friends safe. But, have you ever considered the importance of sanitizing your beauty products?

For makeup artists who work in such close proximity to our clients, if we’re not careful, there’s the possibility of passing along harmful bacteria and germs that could lead to pink eye, cold sores, and even mites. Eww! With the COVID-19 pandemic in front of us, we’re reminded how important it is to keep our products and the working environment extremely clean and sanitary. Looking ahead for the beauty industry, this will be a top priority.

It’s not a question whether we should be sanitizing our beauty products for professional or personal use, the question is, what is the right way to sanitize? In this post, I’ll share some of my best practices and tips on how to sanitize your beauty products. Let’s start!

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Spring into Palettes Giveaway

spring into palettes giveaway

It feels like I haven’t done a giveaway in eons! Well, this week make sure to enter my Spring into Palettes Giveaway. I’ll be giving away three makeup palettes loaded with everything you’ll need to update your Spring makeup look.

Scroll down to see what’s in these palettes and make sure to read the entry guidelines at the end of this post. Good luck!

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Credo’s Beauty Bar

credo's beauty bar

You guys, I have found my new favorite beauty supply store! It’s Credo’s Beauty Bar located in Los Angeles, and it is loaded with all things non-toxic, cruelty-free, and organic beauty. The store itself has a cool vibe when you enter which instantly set me in a peaceful mood. The beauty specialists working there are so welcoming and were available to answer any and all my questions with ease. They also offered to make samples of products for me to take home and try out before committing. I just love when a store goes above and beyond!

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